Business Risk Evaluation Services
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Main Clients And References

    Company                             Line of Business                   Location

    Alexander Towers                         Residential building                        Hollywood, Florida

    Antica Murrina Veneziana
                   Jewelry                                           Venice, Italy

    Autisim Aid Onlus                         Charity Organization                       Napoli,  Italy

    Ciudad Weston Newspaper            Local Newpaper                              Weston,  Florida 

    Cobraven CA                                 International Collections                Caracas, Venezuela

    Consortium                                   Law Firm                                          San Jose,  Costa Rica

    Cross Bridge SRL                         Consulting                                        Milan,  Italy 
    Datarisk Global                            Commercial Information                  Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Dun & Bradstreet Italy                 Commercial Information                  Milan, Italy

    G.G. Seguros                                 Insurance                                         Maracay, Venezuela

    Gerson Lehrman Group                Consulting                                        Austin, Texas 
    Hollywood Beach Civic Asc.        Non Profit Civil Org.                         Hollywood, Florida
    Interia SAS                                   International Collections                 Bogota, Colombia

    Latin Trade Group                        Publications/Information                  Miami, Florida

    Mexican Credit Bureau                Commercial Information                  Mexico City,  Mexico

    Montanari, Brescia, Miccoli         Law Firm                                          Milan, Italy
    Refca C.A.                                     Commercial Information                 Caracas, Venezuela

    Ribes SPA                                     Real Estate Information                  Milan, Italy

    SE Floors                                      Construction                                    Orlando, Florida
    Studio Legale Vassallo                Law Firm                                          Napoli,  Italy
    TrueQuest Realty Inc.                  Real Estate                                      Weston, Florida
    For specific information on above references  please contact us.

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